HNE BIENHOGAR S.L. was founded by Franz Hetzmannseder, a locksmith with a master’s certificate and technical knowledge in all types of metal welding.


Since 2005, Mr. Hetzmannseder has been working as a self-employed trader in the south of Gran Canaria. The founding and moving of the new company to the Arinaga industrial zone was another great step towards the future.


Our company is specialized in the construction and installation of various elements for residential construction, adapted to your individual needs and using high quality materials and designs. We are specialized in PVC and aluminum windows and doors, as well as in iron, stainless steel, aluminum and glass constructions. We install various types of exterior and interior shading, protection systems for your home such as fences, doors, bars and blinds.


We also have infrared heating and much more for a comfortable and beautiful home.

Our Team

Franz Hetzmannseder

Founding Partner

We attach great importance to the quality and processing of our products in order to guarantee long life and enjoyment.

Ulrike Müller

Founding Partner

If you wish, you can visit our exhibition or request a personalized appointment, we are at your entire disposal.