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Solar protection

Official distributor of Markilux.
We offer quality products in both fabrics and hardware, with great technological and aesthetic expectations, manufactured to last a little eternity. With a wide range in fabrics and different colors.

Windows, doors...

Official distributor of Finstral (leading company in construction of windows). We offer a great variety of designs, surfaces, colors and additional equipment of windows, fulfilling all the demands in terms of aesthetics and functionality. We work with various materials.


We construct and install railings according to your requirements and needs.

We carry out our work with a wide variety of materials.

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Configurator MARKILUX

Design your own markilux awning.


Configurator FINSTRAL

Configurator FINSTRAL entrance doors

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Protection of your home

Fences, gates and gates.
Made to measure in aluminum,
Stainless steel and iron.
Various types of roller blinds.

The company

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We offer new and high quality products to complete our range of products.



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We work with the best brands in the market. In our catalogs section you will find more information about our products.

Have a Large Project?

We carry out works for large works. Please contact us and request a quote.
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